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● eCommerce Websites enable you to reach your target audience spending money. 

● eCommerce Websites helps you compete against other online and local retailers, or restaurants. 

● eCommerce Websites works as a method selling, delivering, and tracking your customers purchases and items of desire.


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My iDeal Payments

The main focus of My iDeal brand is to provide small to medium businesses the ability to compete in today’s market and scale their growth.  We know that the biggest challenge in doing that is funding.  So we’ve made it simple and affordable for you by eliminating the financial burden. Introducing My iDeal Payments flex pay options. No applicable to Subscription Services products.

How Does It Work?

We know that cookie-cutter solutions don’t work and neither does cookie-cutter payment plans.  That’s why we offer two flexible payment options for businesses to afford the solutions they need.

Option 1:

Pay 50% down on your solution service or package and the remainder will be divided up into small manageable payment monthly over 6.  No qualifying, no credit check!

Option 2:

On services over $5,000.00. Pay as little as 25% down with monthly payments until the balance is paid off. No interest if paid off within 12 months.  At the interest rate of 10% based on qualifications.

And as always we offer special discounts to any business who’d like to pay in full at the time of service and loyalty discounts for repeat and ongoing services.

Our reputation is built on your success so don’t hesitate to ask a solutions specialist what options are right for you.

Service Description

Our package consists of WordPress, the Divi Theme by Elegant themes,  eCommerce shop, and a Custom Child Theme to ensure that all your customization don’t get lost when your Divi theme or WordPress receives an update, and world class hosting provided by us through SiteGround, with all maintenance and licenses provided and updated for the term of one year.

After that you will be moved to a monthly maintenance and hosting package, or you may choose to move your site to a different host and maintain it yourself.





  • SiteGround World Class Hosting designed for Divi + Woocommerce
  • Premium Website Optimization For Speed
  • Secure Google Servers In The USA
  • FREE CDN – Content Delivery Network



  • Customized Account Pages for your Customers
  • Animated Pop Out Side Shopping Cart
  • Advanced Customer Retention Automation
  • Connect to your Facebook-Instagram Store
  • Customer Rewards Wallet








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Personalized Training

Receive personlized training on your new platforms & services to help ensure your success.

15% Off

Combined Service Packages

Receive a signifcant savings when combining two or more service packages. 

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